Become a Lay Dominican in Mississippi

If you're Catholic in the Diocese of Biloxi and want to know more, contact us!

Nihil nisi te, Domine: Nothing if not you, O Lord

This webpage is for the Lay Dominican group of southern Mississippi. The main feature consists of our blog containing Lectio Divina and other reflections.

The Dominican Order, formally known as the Order of Preachers, is a Catholic organization that dates back to the Middle Ages, when St. Dominic de Guzman saw the need for a new kind of mission work that was based on a radical commitment to evangelical values while not bound to monasteries, the way monks were. What distinguishes Dominican spirituality are the four pillars of Dominican life: prayer, community, study, and apostolic activity.

Each branch of the Order pursues this way of life in its own way. Lay Dominicans, who arguably predate the nuns, who themselves predate the friars, enflesh the distinctive Dominican character in the world. Famous Lay Dominicans include:

…and perhaps you! If you live in southern Mississippi, you might like to attend one of our meetings; if you live elsewhere, there may well be a Lay Dominican chapter near you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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